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Anahit by Surenity Anahit :iconsurenity:Surenity 1 1 The Mad Hatter by Surenity The Mad Hatter :iconsurenity:Surenity 4 7
The Great Mouse Reporter ~ Chapter 49
Basil made his way through the dank, dripping tunnels beneath New York City, in search of his old friend. Remembering his trip down the sewer some four years prior, he was sure to enter the manhole at a point after the part with the deep chasm and that lizard-like carnivorous creature which certainly still needed to be identified by science. He couldn't be sure if a police officer was following him, but, it was a chance he had to take.
Basil remembered well the underground caves leading to the Mott Street Maulers hideout, even the graffiti on the walls reading "No Dogs Allowed". Not certain who would be around, he kept close to the wall, and peered around the corner. To his surprise, the hideout seemed empty. Where were they? Was this a trap?
No…it wasn't empty. Basil could hear the sound of a raspy voice, humming a song. And then his eyes detected movement.
"Heh heh, no way I'm leaving empty winged," same the voice of Fidget, who was busy filling a bag with coins, near where War
:iconsurenity:Surenity 13 10
Fievel Goes West 25th Anniversary Doodle by Surenity Fievel Goes West 25th Anniversary Doodle :iconsurenity:Surenity 10 4
Whatever Happened to Slappy Squirrel? ~ Ch 8
The Toon Town Library was a large building that seemed even larger on the inside. Things like that had stopped surprising Betty by now. It seemed like just the kind of place from those old cartoons where the characters from the books come alive at night and do some kind of musical number or get into a war. But it went on forever; Betty couldn't even see the other end of the building. It was about ten minutes to two. Secret Squirrel was supposed to be here.
"I like books, but they kinda hurt my head sometimes," said Launchpad, "Too many words in 'em and stuff."
"Shh!" the librarian hushed, not bothering to look up from her book.
Betty thought she recognized her, and walked up to the desk. Her name tag confirmed it; her name was Belle. Betty couldn't imagine someone as well off as a Disney princess needing a low paying librarian job, but knowing Belle, perhaps she did the job voluntarily.
"Excuse me, I was told to meet someone here," Betty whispered.
Belle looked up from her book, "There
:iconsurenity:Surenity 4 8
Armeniaball Provinces by Surenity Armeniaball Provinces :iconsurenity:Surenity 10 14
Whatever Happened to Slappy Squirrel? ~ Ch7
It was after dark in Toon Town, yet Betty, determined not to lose Slappy, was still searching for clues, hours later.
"It's late," said Launchpad, "We ought to rest up for tomorrow."
"And give Slappy all night to escape to who knows where in the Toon universe?" Betty replied irritably as she walked down the street from the Wild Take Lounge.
The trail had dried up, though she thought she'd found some tufts of squirrel fur a few meters back on the sidewalk.
"We've already lost her," said Launchpad, "But she's got to be staying with someone. And one of those squirrels at the meeting might know something."
She sighed, "You're probably right. Suppose we should just check into a hotel for the night and go to that meeting tomorrow."
"Been a while since I was in a hotel. I wonder if they still puts little mints on your pillow."
"Come on," she said, walking back toward downtown.
Downtown there was a large building called "Granny's Joint", topped off with a bright neon sign that read "Come up
:iconsurenity:Surenity 3 6
Whatever Happened to Slappy Squirrel? ~ Ch6
The lights dimmed as the song ended, and Launchpad made it back to the table Betty was sitting at.
"That Red sure is something, isn't she?" Launchpad remarked as he sat down, "Almost wish she were a duck."
"Any leads?" Betty asked.
"None whatsoever," Launchpad sighed, drinking his root beer float, "And I almost thought the bartender knew something too, but nah."
"It's okay, the real lead is Red. And Jessica. Problem is they'll probably be protecting Slappy. We'll have to keep our wits about us. Well, I will at least."
"So they're old friends of hers from the studio days, right?" Launchpad asked.
"Yes, going back to when Maroon Cartoons was still in business."
A dog-faced waiter approached the table with a mug of ale.
"For you miss," he said.
Betty raised an eyebrow, "I didn't order any other drinks…"
"A gift from one of our other patrons, dear," the waiter said, leaving it on the table.
Betty examined it. She was still a bit afraid of trying Toon alcoholic drinks.
"A Duff beer, m
:iconsurenity:Surenity 2 0
The Great Mouse Reporter ~ Chapter 48
Cat R. Waul led his Cactus Cat Gang into Central Park. Behind him were Sweet William, Slim, "Earless" Poultroon, along with One-Eye and Frenchy. The cats carried clubs, slingshots, knives, and other weapons. Chula was perched on Waul's shoulder, and they were followed by crowds of uptown cats. They marched down the cement pathway into a grassy clearing. Madame Mousey was there; only to watch with her canine subjects.
"Best of luck to you Waul," she said with a fake grin; it was known full well who she would rather win this duel after Waul's attempt to claim the life of Nellie Brie.
"Make sure we're not walking into an ambush," Waul said to the others, who checked the nearby bushes and trees. All seemed clear.
Across the clearing, a figure in a top hat and a long red coat stepped out from behind a tree, a cigar in his mouth, a gold fang glinting in the sun. Warren T. Cat. His Mott Street Maulers emerged from the bushes, all wielding clubs, slingshots and knives, the weapons they'd al
:iconsurenity:Surenity 9 4
Whatever Happened to Slappy Squirrel? ~ Ch5
The building of the Wild Take Lounge was a silly sight at first. The building had two eyes protruding from it, mounted on springs, while the entrance resembled a mouth with a red carpet tongue.
"So this is what passes as classy in Toon Town," Betty remarked.
"I've never been to this place," said Launchpad, "How exciting! I mean outside of the House of Mouse this is the most high class place in town. And I never got invited to the House of Mouse either."
"Didn't that place get shut down for discrimination or something?" Betty asked.
"Yeah, not letting non-Disney Toons in was against the Toon Town constitution," said Launchpad, "But it was fun while it lasted I guess."
"It's too bad, we got a pretty decent TV show out of it at the time," Betty said as she walked down the red carpet.
The doors were guarded by an enormous man in a suit and tie, the perfect bouncer it seemed. He could have been fifteen feet tall. Betty had to crane her neck upward to see his head. There was a nametag on his
:iconsurenity:Surenity 4 1
The Great Mouse Reporter ~ Chapter 47
Lone Woof sat in a cell with his other council members, awaiting his fate. He knew that if he wasn't adopted by a human at the end of the week, he would be euthanized. That was the fate of dogs that made it into the city pound. And if you weren't a cute young puppy the chances of you being adopted was slim at best. He heaved a sigh, sitting down in the cell, before hearing a small pitter patter of footsteps coming down the hallway. His ears perked up, and he saw Nellie Brie, followed by a very tall mouse who was covered up in a hooded buckskin cloak. He at once knew who it was.
"Wulisso? And Nellie?"
"Indeed, it's us," she said.
"Many greetings, Lone Woof," said Chief Wulisso.
"You're above the surface," he remarked.
"The Upper-Worlders know too much. My tribe is moving. But I thank you for the years you kept us a secret. Now I wish to repay your kindness."
"You're here to bust us free?"
"Yes we are," said Nellie, "Trust me, I would have done this sooner if I'd known what had happened.
:iconsurenity:Surenity 7 1
Whatever Happened to Slappy Squirrel? ~ Ch4
Betty and Launchpad walked down the street, Launchpad standing guard and ready to protect her in case there was any danger.
"So your name's Betty Valiant. Mind if I call you Ms. Vee?"
"If you feel you must," Betty answered, "So you know which way the Toon Patrol building is?"
"Just down this street, I think," said Launchpad.
"You think?"
"Well, yeah, I think. At least I think that I think…I think."
"It sounds like something you should practice more," Betty remarked.
"Yeah, that's what Mr. McDee says. And DW too, now that you mention it."
"That reminds me, do you still hang around with Darkwing Duck?"
"Well when there's something for him to do. I gotta make money though, so I take odd jobs from Mr. McDee from time to time as well. I sorta go back and forth."
"Interesting that Scrooge rules Toon Town. I'd expect Mickey Mouse or someone like that."
"Mickey's too busy for politics," said Launchpad, "Though he's been mayor before."
"Hm, yes, he has that new CG toddler show to work on,
:iconsurenity:Surenity 3 4
Whatever Happened to Slappy Squirrel? ~ Ch3
The winged superhero-turned-lawyer Harvey Birdman sat behind his desk, wearing a business suit over his costume, dictating a letter to his bird Avenger as it typed on a typewriter with its feet.
"So in conclusion, while the plastic industry is certainly responsible for producing the garbage that is polluting our oceans with plastic, I'm not sure they can be held responsible when a sentient shark that talks like Curly Howard knowingly ingests a large amount of it, as they aren't the ones who put it there, and you should have known better. My apologies, Mr. Jabberjaw, but I don't think I can take the case."
"Mr. Birdman, there's a client to see you, a Ms. Squirrel," came the voice of his secretary on the intercom.
"Send her in."
Slappy Squirrel entered Harvey Birdman's office, dressed in a long coat and sunglasses, with Skippy at her side.
"Hey Harv, how's business?"
"Slappy Squirrel? Well well, what brings you to this side of town?"
"I'm in trouble," she replied, taking her disguise off
:iconsurenity:Surenity 5 3
The Great Mouse Reporter ~ Chapter 46
Nellie and Chief Wulisso searched the abandoned Lenape village for sighs of Catherine, but found nothing.
"She is gone," said the Chief, "So too is the bat."
"But if she didn't use the same entrance as us, how did they escape?"
"You came in through the secret pipe, yes?" the Chief answered, "It is possible to climb back up. What I wonder, is why she would escape with that fiendish bat."
"I haven't a clue," said Nellie, "I…well I haven't known her for very long at all, but I don't like to think she'd betray us…"
"She, mother of Quinn, wished to free the bat and tell Quinn of our escape?"
"No, that can't be right…" Nellie thought hard for some other explanation, "She seemed genuinely troubled by the plight of your people, I could see it."
"What other reason could she have?"
"I don't know, maybe she wanted to speak to Quinn to try and stop him. Perhaps to tell him she's his mother."
"That is the optimistic explanation," said the Chief, "But perhaps we must prepare for th
:iconsurenity:Surenity 8 8
Whatever Happened to Slappy Squirrel? ~ Ch2
"Your first job!" came the excited voice over the phone, "Betty, that's fantastic!"
"I know, I know," Betty sighed, leaning back in her chair in the old Los Angeles office of Valiant and Valiant, "I guess there's no going back now. I work for Toons."
"Your gramps would be proud of you if he were still here," her father said, "You're continuing the family business."
"Wish I could have met him," said Betty.
"So what's the case?"
"Slappy Squirrel's gone missing. You heard of her?"
"Slappy Squirrel…" she could almost hear her father thinking. His mind had become like a Toon encyclopedia over the years, "Ah, old Maroon Cartoons star who got purchased by Warner Bros. after Marvin Acme died. She was on that Animaniacs show a few years back right?"
"More like twenty years ago dad. I used to watch that when I was a little girl remember?"
"Twenty years seems like just a few years ago when you get to be my age," her father chuckled, "Well you better go find her. Old lady like that should be
:iconsurenity:Surenity 2 7
The Great Mouse Reporter ~ Chapter 45
Deep in the catacombs of Beach's abandoned Pneumatic Railway, a solitary brick in the wall of the tunnel moved, and was pushed forward. Finally, it slipped out of the wall and fell to the ground; having been pushed down by several muscular Lenape mice.
"We are here," Chief Wulisso declared, being the first to jump down to the ground, "The lair of the steel snake."
"Yes but doesn't this open up to the middle of the city?" Fievel asked.
"We will not exit through the main entrance," said the Chief.
The mice all took turns hopping down to the ground from a safe height.
"We will need transportation to get to the island," Wulisso said to Nellie, "Do you have any idea how this may be accomplished?"
"I suppose you'll need to stow away on a human boat," Nellie answered, "It will take time to plan it out, get you on the right ship and try to do so without your tribe being seen."
"Time you do not have," Wulisso assumed.
"Afraid so," Nellie replied, "Will you be okay down here?"
"At least we wi
:iconsurenity:Surenity 8 2

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I've been getting into painting lately, as well as working hard on my next novel (hence the stand-still on my fan fictions >.<). This here is the goddess Anahit, an ancient Armenian goddess known only by a bust which resides in the British History Museum, miraculously surviving the cultural erasure that converting a country to Christianity entails. 

More information can be found here:
The Mad Hatter
I like to frequent a local tea bar in my area called The Mad Hatter's; it's a bar that only serves tea, with kratom or kava. A nice place to relax after work. On the wall near the entrance there's artwork that some of the patrons drew, much of it Alice in Wonderland related. So, I decided to do a drawing of my own with my favorite version of the Mad Hatter; the one from the 1990's Disney Channel show Adventures in Wonderland played by John Robert Hoffman. I rediscovered the show through Youtube; I really wish they'd put it on DVD but it's just one of those things we're going to have to rely on VHS and Youtube to preserve for now. In the picture he's enjoying a tea smoothie, something I order often. This is a picture of it hanging on the wall at the bar. 

In other news, my old laptop died, so work on my fan fic has been slow (luckily I saved everything on a flash drive), but I have a new one now, and will soon finish the next chapter of my fan fic. 
Basil made his way through the dank, dripping tunnels beneath New York City, in search of his old friend. Remembering his trip down the sewer some four years prior, he was sure to enter the manhole at a point after the part with the deep chasm and that lizard-like carnivorous creature which certainly still needed to be identified by science. He couldn't be sure if a police officer was following him, but, it was a chance he had to take.

Basil remembered well the underground caves leading to the Mott Street Maulers hideout, even the graffiti on the walls reading "No Dogs Allowed". Not certain who would be around, he kept close to the wall, and peered around the corner. To his surprise, the hideout seemed empty. Where were they? Was this a trap?

No…it wasn't empty. Basil could hear the sound of a raspy voice, humming a song. And then his eyes detected movement.

"Heh heh, no way I'm leaving empty winged," same the voice of Fidget, who was busy filling a bag with coins, near where Warren usually sat in front of a mirror. The coins had been arranged in piles by Warren earlier, and Fidget was taking them one by one.

Basil quietly slinked into the hideout, staying low. He quietly walked along the wall before finding a small opening, which appeared to lead through a small tunnel to behind the mirror. He crawled through.

"Teach them to take advantage of me," Fidget said to himself with satisfaction, "From here on in, I'm my own bat!"

Fidget glanced at himself in the mirror and smiled, admiring his reflection, until noticing the silhouette of Basil himself, standing there with his arms crossed. Fidget screamed and fell backwards, dropping his bag as Basil shoved the glass in the mirror down.

"Well, if it isn't my most putrid peg-legged friend," said Basil, "Doing a bit of spring cleaning, are we?"

"Woah, hey, Basil! Err uhh…how'd you ever get out of prison? I mean uh…well it's nice you got out! See I was just uhh.."

"Where are Warren and his cats?" Basil demanded.

"Oh them? Uh, well they're not here as far as I can tell…hey you and I can be friends now you know, I'm not working for Quinn no more, or any of the cats. They left me to be scalped by Indians. I only got out because of that Miss Kitty Mouse. I think she likes me. But uh, yeah, I escaped, came here, saw that no one was around, and uh…here we are."

"Is that so?" Basil asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I'm a new bat from now on," Fidget said, "No more crime."

"Just stealing from other criminals then," Basil said, eyeing the coin bag.

"Ah, um, I mean that's different, see being a lackey I always thought I should be paid, and they never paid me so I'm taking what's rightfully mine!"

"Very well then," said Basil, "It's about time you stopped hanging around the wrong crowds. I'll have my eye on you if you return to London though."

"I'm definitely going legit this time, I swear," Fidget said, picking up the coins, "But anyway, if you're here for your friend, he's in the other room with the bird cages."

"Is he now?"

Fidget nodded, "Best go save him. He's probably starving, heh heh. I mean uh, I was about to save him myself…after I was done here."

"Sure you were. I'll go rescue him. I'll leave you be for now, Fidget, though I have serious doubts about your reform."

"Well, see you then," Fidget said, picking up more of the coins.

Basil, deciding Fidget didn't pose a threat, continued on, climbing down to the floor. He remained close to the walls and floor as he walked toward the room with the bird cages, where he remembered being imprisoned with Nellie before. There, he saw Dawson at the far corner of the room, sulking in a bird cage. Basil carefully walked up to the cage, and Dawson turned, seeing him.

"Basil!" he exclaimed.

Basil hushed him.

"Nobody's here Basil," said Dawson, "They all left to fight Cat R. Waul's gang."


Dawson nodded, "You came at the perfect time."

"Well, I can't be entirely sure I wasn't followed here," said Basil quietly, "I encountered that dastardly bat though, in the other room."

"Fidget is here?" Dawson asked, "I overheard that he'd been left behind with the underground natives."

"So it's true they betrayed him?" Basil pondered, "Quinn really was doing his best to emulate Ratigan, down to mistreating his allies. But fortunately, this rescue will be a little easier than I'd expected."

"What's happened since I was captured?" Dawson asked.

"Well, Reed Daley joined our cause," Basil began as he fiddled with the lock, taking out a small piece of wire he'd managed to conceal in his coat, "He's been our double-agent. I'd been staying with him for some time until he found out that Quinn was going to target Ms. Mausheimer and we had to rescue her, and I was reunited with Nellie there. We were about to join Tanya Mousekewitz until Quinn ambushed us with the police and had me arrested. But, well, oddly enough he set me free later. It appears that Quinn's mother has come forward, and convinced him to release me."

"I saw her when she first arrived," said Dawson, "It was one of the young ladies from that bar in London by the pier."

"I figured you would recall her," Basil said with a small grin, remembering the time Dawson was drugged and went on stage to dance with her.

"Well yes, she's not the forgettable type," Dawson said with a blush of embarrassment, "At any rate I wonder if the lad is turning over a new leaf."

"Maybe, I can't say," said Basil, turning the wire inside the lock, "Hmm, no no that won't do at all, let me bend the wire this way…"

"If we're at all lucky the two cat gangs will slaughter each other," Dawson said with some bitterness, "There's no one to root for in that fight."

There was a click, and the lock opened.

"Aha. I daresay I'd have made a spectacular thief if I didn't have morals," Basil said, opening the door.

As Dawson climbed out, they could hear distant footsteps splashing through shallow water in the tunnels.

"Quick Dawson, hide!" Basil said, pulling him down to the ground behind the cage.

The footsteps belonged to a small creature by Basil's estimation, perhaps mice. Could they be police? There didn't sound to be that many of them though. Basil kept a close eye at the sewer tunnel. Soon enough he saw two figures enter the area where the cages were kept.

"Dawson must be imprisoned here," came the voice of Nellie Brie, who was followed by Chief Wulisso, "This is where they kept Basil, Fievel and I the last time."

Basil grinned, as did Dawson.

"Well, it appears as though I wouldn't have had to wait long to be rescued either way," said Dawson, coming out of hiding to approach them, followed by Basil.

Nellie's head turned, shocked to see both Dawson and Basil.

"Basil? How…how did you get out of jail?!"

"Quinn released me," Basil answered.

Nellie ran into Basil's arms, and they embraced tightly. She looked to Dawson.

"Are you alright Dawson?"

"Well, I suppose this was one way to start my diet," he replied, "I'm quite alright, all things considered, in spite of not eating for days."

"Is Hakan with you?" Wulisso asked.

"Regrettably, no," Basil replied, "Quinn mentioned 'legal loopholes' or somesuch… but I can't say if he really meant to release him as well. I'm not even entirely sure he released me without some ulterior motive. Speaking of which…we need to be careful now that we're all together."

Nellie gave a smile, "So, Catherine did it. She changed Quinn's mind."

"Catherine? Oh, you mean Quinn's newfound mother?"

"Tanya was the one who first met her. She was with us before we lost track of her," said Nellie, "She was nowhere to be found after the Lenape evacuated."

"Ah, where are Tanya and the children?" Basil asked.

"On the train back to Green River I suspect," said Nellie, "Or they should be."

"Pity for Tanya, but least they're safe," said Basil, "Let's get out of here before one of those cats return."

"We'll be better off going back the way Wulisso and I came," said Nellie.

"Very well. I trust you know the sewers better than I do by now," said Basil.

Dawson sighed, "I can't wait to get back to London, really. I'll have a nice plate of fish and chips when I get back."

"You'll have earned it dear friend," said Basil.

The four of them made their way down the sewer, lit only by storm drain grates from above.

"I don't believe we've been introduced," said Dawson to Chief Wulisso as they walked.

"I am Chief of the Lenape tribe," he answered, "I have known your friend Basil for some time."

"Longer than I have apparently."

They made it a short distance before Basil stopped them.

"What is it?" Nellie asked.

Basil hushed her, and listened, his ears attuned to above the storm grate.

"We need to run," said Basil, "They've followed us."

"What?" Nellie asked, before he took her hand and ran back in the other direction. Dawson and Wulisso followed.

A team of police mice hopped down the sewer.

"Did Quinn send them after us?" Dawson asked as they ran.

"Perhaps, or perhaps they came of their own volition." said Basil as they splashed through the puddles.

They ran through the narrow tunnels, past a disgusting group of cockroaches. Basil and the others had to jump over them or slide around them. They could only hop that perhaps the bugs would slow the police down, who were making gains quickly.

"Stop right there! Freeze!" came the voice of Officer Bellingham.

"Let's get to that chasm ahead!" said Nellie.

The four of them ran to the edge of the chasm. Knowing that there was no moss this time to swing on, they'd have to jump or die. The creature below surfaced, licking its teeth.

"Feeling athletic today, dear Dawson?" Basil asked.

Dawson panted, "I…don't know if I'll make it across this thing…"

"Get a running start," said Wulisso, "Your momentum will carry you across."

Dawson nodded, "Let's do it then."

Basil nodded, and moved back, getting a running start and leaping from the edge, making it to the other side with a roll. Nellie was next, managing to land at the other edge. Wulisso looked to Dawson as the sounds of footsteps got closer.

"Very well then," said Dawson, remembering back to his military training, which he had to undergo even just to be a doctor in the royal army. Harkening back to his younger days, he got himself a head start. Wulisso ran alongside him in order to make sure he could do it, and they both leapt. Wulisson easily made the jump, but Dawson landed on the other side with only half his body, and began sliding downward.

""I've got you, Dawson!" said Basil.

Basil and Nellie quickly grabbed his hands before he could fall, and pulled him upwards, just as the police made it to the other end of the chasm.

"Freeze!" Bellingham commanded.

"Basil was pardoned," Nellie shot back, "Leave him alone!"

"We want the Indian!" Bellingham said.

"Fancy a good jump then?" Basil said, still panting, "He's done nothing wrong."

"He is wanted in connection with the death of Chief McBrusque. It was his bomb that killed the Chief."

"It was not my intention for that bomb to cause anyone harm." said Chief Wulisso.

"It doesn't matter what your intention was, your people aim to take over this city from below and you will be flooded out."

"We have already left. There will be nothing to flood out."

Bellingham glared, "Alright, let's get across this chasm!"

It was then that, with a quick flutter of wings, Fidget's peg connected with the back of Bellingham's head. Before the other officers even knew what had happened, Bellingham stumbled, waving his arms to keep balance, before finally falling forward, into the chasm, screaming as he fell.

Basil and Nellie hurried to the edge, to see the corrupt officer plummet into the mouth of the lizard-like creature. The creature shut its jaws with a sickening crunch.

"Oops, heh heh." Fidget chuckled, as he flew upward, to the storm drain grate above, "Last favor, detective! Just so you know I'm good now."

Basil could have thought of better ways to demonstrate the bat would no longer lead a life of crime than by murdering someone, but he had to take advantage of the moment. He and Nellie got to their feet, and the four of them ran down the tunnel, as the helpless police mice stared down in shock, and then tried their best to shoot upward at Fidget, who was already long gone.
The Great Mouse Reporter ~ Chapter 49
With the villainous police chief dispatched, the road looks clear for our heroes to return to England, and for Chief Wulisso to lead the Lenape to a safe new home. But what of Quinn? Has he really changed? Will he listen to his mother? Find out in the next exciting chapter, that will most definitely come out less than a year from now this time!

I said I'd finish this chapter before the month was out, and lookie here! I barely made it! I think I can try to fit the ending of this into one more, long chapter. But we shall see. My next order of business is the next chapter of Whatever Happened to Slappy Squirrel, due out sometime in December. I still have two jobs getting in the way, but one of them is going into sort of an off season pretty soon for winter break (my job involves taking little kids on field trips through an open-air living museum where we dress and act like it's the 1890's. Fun, right? And right up my alley too), so I will have a bit more free time soon.
Fievel Goes West 25th Anniversary Doodle
I've had a theory brewing for a while now: when Fievel turned his hat inside out in Fievel Goes West and it "transformed" into a cowboy hat, that was just in his imagination, and he was really just walking around with his blue hat turned inside out the entire movie. People were just too nice to burst his bubble and tell him how silly he looked. Thus came the inspiration for this doodle, drawn and shaded with pencil on paper in about a half hour. My scanner wasn't being very cooperative unfortunately, cropping out parts of it, and I think it looks better in person.

This November marks the 30th anniversary of An American Tail, and the 25th anniversary of Fievel Goes West. Sigh, I'm getting old. T.T Within the next few years I could very well be passing the films on to the next generation. The first film has gotten me through thick and thin over the years with it's moral, it will always be my favorite movie. I plan on watching it on VHS tomorrow morning in celebration, the way it was meant to be seen (sans voice changes and unnecessary sound effects!)

By the way, new chapter of The Great Mouse Reporter will arrive by the end of the month. I have two part time jobs now, so spare time is hard to find, but I'm about 80 percent done writing the chapter now. So, yay!
I feel bad for not updating my fan-fics for so long. Combinations of job hunting, working to get my book published and writer's block, with some bouts of depression here and there are the culprits. But hey, I'm better now! And I finally have something to show for all those years of saying I'm going to publish a book one day. For you see, I've finally done it!……

The link above is where you can purchase my first original historical fiction novel, Odinochka: Armenian Tales from the Gulag. The first link is for the paperback edition and the second is for the cheaper eBook edition. It's the tragic tale of a prisoner at one of Stalin's Siberian gulag camps, who after starting a fight in the cafeteria is thrown into a freezing solitary confinement cell where he reflects on his childhood as a survivor of the 1915 siege of Van in the crumbling Ottoman Empire during World War I. 

I worked on this novel all through Grad school and it was my Master's thesis; and actually, the very reason I started writing fan fiction again during this period after years of dormancy was because it gave me a nice break from writing this. Readers of my fan fiction might even find the name of Odinochka's main character, Vartan Manukyan, to be suspiciously familiar to them for some reason or another (no he doesn't travel to America and fall in love with a human version of Tanya Mousekewitz sadly). But yes, while this book is very much grounded in harsh reality, my fan fiction gave me a chance to have an escape, and to write something under very little pressure. So if you want to see what else I was working on when I was writing Basil's American Tail, Olivia Goes West and Abigail and the Rats of NIMH, this is it. I think fans of my writing style in those stories should still like the writing in this one.

My next published works will be a more original re-writing of Abigail and the Rats of NIMH (I'm still leaving the fan fic version up), and then a historical fantasy series that I've wanted to do for years now. The former should be released later this year, under a pen name.

So there you go, I suppose I should finally get to work on the next chapter of The Great Mouse Reporter, eh? I'd be ever so happy if you had a look at my novel though. 
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United States
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Favourite style of art: traditional
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Favourite cartoon character: Fievel or Tails
Personal Quote: True wisdom comes from knowing that you know nothing.

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