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CyberDuke Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013

Music Ideas for Basil’s American Tails


Chapter 1: The mixing main themes can be played during the logo scene and maybe around 1:50 of the theme is when we begin to see Basil heading towards America, almost the same way Dr. Dawson first appeared in The Great Mouse Detective.…



Just for fun I imagined a drum beat of "Friends of the Working Mouse", I hear those drums when I see Chief McBrusque in this.


Chapter 2: As I continue re-looking at chapter 2, I play around with "Enter Basil" and "Unusual Foot Prints (after the first 30)".


Basically the main idea is to have Basil's Theme mixed with an instrumental of "Get the Facts"


One of those two music ideas I have for the scenes of Basil & Nellie. This one should work out for there mission briefing and adventures. The other one for their love scene will involve the instrumental of "Who Will?"


Chapter 3: As I looked over this chapter, I played An American Tail 4 scene when Tanya takes Fievel through the dangerous travel towards the Daily Nibbler, right before Fievel meets Nellie (for the 2nd time in this case). I payed more attention to the music background of that scene as I read Basil & Nellie's travel, plus I switched to the scene of Basil, Dawson, and Olivia sneaking into the toy store to find Fidget. It's the music played right before "Check Mate" when they stealth and climbed the ladder. I imagined that in some of those scenes in this chapter.


There needs to be a Complete Score or Recording Sessions of each American Tail & Great Mouse Detective music, so that we can clearly hear the missing tracks that only appeared in those movies.


Chapter 4: This one is tricky to give examples of what I have in mind for this one. Hardly any music with all the talking, but there could be a suspense theme when Nellie and Basil hiding. And when Nellie is about to be caught by Miss Kitty, a suspense sound like something just bad popped up.




Chapter 5: Before Miss Kitty sings on Stage, I hear the bar music from Great Mouse Detective. That scene when Basil and Dawson disguised themselves as low-life criminals to get inside before Miss Kitty Mouse appeared on stage. I imagined that music in the beginning before Miss Kitty sings.


And of course Miss Kitty's song should count as a new track for this OST, what's this song called? "Ain't I good to you"


For the part when Waul talks to Miss Kitty about Warren, his idea, and Ratigan. There are 2 choices

1.  A mysteries sounding of music, like the scene in Fievel Goes West when Fievel spies on Waul about Mouseburger plan on the train.

2. Just get back to the bar music and treat this scene like it's all strictly business for them, nothing too serious.


As for the ending when Digit spied on Basil & Nellie, I thought about the first 35 seconds this track "Into the Rushes" from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince…



Chapter 6: So far I have no music to think of for the 1st scene yet


But for the 2nd scene, I looked back at the movie (30:30-32-30) to when Fievel almost gets killed by the train and then he chases the music he hears, and I thought I could remix that music part for this chapter.

Step by step I'm thinking this way: the music part you hear when Fievel walks on the train tracks before the train approaches (30:30-30:40), that can be remixed to a slow-darker tune to match the mystery of Warren T. Rat when Basil puzzles about him.

Then comes Basil's violin music, ending in screeched the same way as Olivia said "I don't have a mother".

Next is the scene with Fievel, An American Tail theme can be played for his first appearence. I do consider that Fievel's Theme. Doesn't have to be the whole theme for this scene, just blend some parts in between.

Finally the music part in the movie (31:45) when Fievel chases after the music, that too can be remixed when Fievel leaves Basil to follow the next song he hears.


As for the third scene, I guess the remixed version (or original if you prefer) of that 31:45 music part can be played when the 2nd scene blends towards the 3rd scene to match the beginning part of Nellie Brie. Now for Nellie ambushed by Warren and his minions, Warren's music theme (the one Tiger hates) could be played and remixed to sound more like something awful is happening. Like Ganondorf's theme from Ocarina of Time, when Ganondorf attacks Young Link before leaving Hyrule, same idea for this scene when Warren attacks Nellie. Basically saying Warren's theme could be remixed to Ganondorf's tune to match the last scene.


Hope I didn't confuse you, I'll try to clarify if you have any questions.



Chapter 7: For Scene 1: I hear "Dawson Finds Olivia" track when Basil takes care of Nellie with his doctor work.


For Scene 2: I listened closely to the music when Honest John does his ghost votes before Gussie's arrival and when they discussed about a rally (38:03-40:51), matches well with this part of the chapter I think.


Alternatively for scene 2, I imagined this track from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Complete Score: "Tavern Music"…


I realized that "Dawson Finds Olivia" is most likely Olivia's Theme since I've hear the same tune layers anytime Olivia's part is more focused. But the tune of that track can still fit the chapter, probably make it a different song with the same tune and sound.


Chapter 8: For Scene 1, I still hear either two backgrounds from the last of chapter 7.… or the music background from the American Tail scene (38:03-40:50) "Are you registered to vote?" Said John


For Scene 2

Couldn't think of any music when they talk about the case with Fievel & his parents.

But when Basil detects the area where Nellie was attacked, checking "Unusual Footprints:…” after the first 8 or 10 seconds of that track, then it can be played while Basil discovers Warren's footprints and hair piece.

When they move to the Daily Nibbler, (… after 2:16-3:10, track ends when they made it inside the place for Basil to meet Mr. Daley.

At the end when Basil looks back into Warren's hair piece, I hear the first 18-20 sec. of "Enter Ratigan:…", make the scene sound more suspicious as it blends from the end of chapter 8 to the beginning of chapter 9.


Chapter 9: When Basil examines the hairs and makes a plan for the next day, I looked towards the Great Mouse Detective scene when Basil does his chemistry part on Fidgets list before discovering the river front area of the sewers (38:21-40:00). The music track sounds good with the first half of this chapter.


When Basil and Nellie discuss their past with a bit of romance, now comes "Who Will" in a slow instrumental remix with Basil's theme in slow deep tune. I also have thought of Harry Potter that has a bit of sound that could match as well.


Harry Potter Recording Sessions - The Mirror Of Erised: Only 3:45-4:20…


And of course, there's the ambient background of Fievel singing "Somewhere Out There". Can be mixed with all of these ideas towards the end.


Chapter 10: The music background from the scene when Fievel first met Warren T. Rat before putting him to the sweatshop, that's pretty much all I hear when I read this chapter.


Warren's up-dance background, when Fievel first met Warren:  That's when Basil met him in disguise.


The background when Tanya felt that Fievel is alive:  That sound can be heard then Nellie Brie is around


The Sweatshop background, when Fievel was in: I imagined an extended sounding of Basil working in the sweatshop.





Chapter 11: During the start of this chapter, I was sort of mixing the music between "Dawson Finds Olivia" (even though it's Olivia's theme as I realized), and the singing background in American Tail, right after Fievel's escape from sweatshop, during his hopeless search for his family everywhere alone (29:50-30:30, right before the train scene). I can hear that choir background when Basil works hard in that sweatshop.


I played around with some tracks during the escape for everyone. I was going around with "Unusual Foot Prints (0:08-0:30)" and "Check Mate (0:00-1:18)"


Chapter 12: For the beginning and when Basil tells Nellie "Oh I understand that, I just…notice your hair more when it's down is all"; I hear "Main Title" from Great Mouse Detective, starting from 00:40-1:43.


There were two kinds of music I could think of for the journey to the hidden lair of the Lenape Tribe.

1. The background music played in the 3rd American Tail film, when Cholena learns about the surface of America by Fievel, Tony, and Tanya. (47:10-48:18).

2. When I see Hakan, I hear Indian drum beats as a music background. And it can be mix with Basil's theme during their Journey. The drumming background can become more suspense when they entered the cave and towards the home of the Lenape.


A bit of Cholena's theme can be played during her appearance.


Chapter 13: I mostly hear the instruments of Cholena's theme played most of the time. Like in the end credits of the 3rd American Tail film (1:17:00-1:19:10)


And I also hear the Lenape entertaining music when played during the campfire scene in the 3rd film (36:15-36:46)


Chapter 14: When Basil and Nellie depart from the Lenape tribe, I imagined a slow instrumental mix of Anywhere in Your DreamsWho Will?, and a tiny bit of Basil's Theme (Like in 9:35 of the film when Basil looks into the bullet and says "Another Deadened")


I can't think of a theme for when Basil and Nellie was climbing through the pipe near the waterfall, but it might be best to let only the waterfall do the background ambient before hearing Warren's theme from his violin.


When they approach to Fievel, I hear a bit his "American Tail" theme blending into dark slower sounding when the bugs were following him. Then it's like listening to the same sound as in the movie when those cockroaches chase Fievel to their doom with that bug-eating sewer thing.


Finally when Nellie makes a jump and gets her dress grabbed by the bug-eating sewer thing, I play a Harry Potter track: "In The Devil's Snare And The Flying Keys". But only the Devil's Snare part.…  (only till 1:07)


Chapter 15: 49:20 from the American Tail film is when we hear Tiger's least favorite music, which I considered Warren's Violin Theme. I imagined an extended version of this song when Basil and Nellie discovers everything.


51:40 right after Warren said "Get me that mouse!", I listened closely to the music background when the cats chased after Fievel all the way up to 52:40 of the film. So I played around with the music in my head and think of remixing it to a more dangerous sounding mix of the music. Sort of like a Hans Zimmer type of sounding of the same music.


Now when the cats caught Basil, Nellie, and Fievel; I imagined re-playing Warren's Theme (The Violin one), only this time it's in a more serious-darker tune.

It's a same idea as Ganondorf's Theme, imagine at first you hear Warren's Violin earlier in this chapter. Just like when Ganon plays the Piano:…

Later in this chapter you hear the same theme but more serious, like Ganondorf's original theme:…


Chapter 16: In the film around 53:53-54:12, that part of music background can be extended to match the scene when Basil was giving up and Nellie trying to snap him out of it. The extended music can also be mixed with Nellie's theme "Who Will?" and with the American Tail theme (1:15-1:40).


Then when Tiger lets Fievel out of the cage, there's of course "A Duo". But this time extended with more instrumental theming, and with "We're a quartet! A quartet! Two pairs of lonely ones, who were meant to be a four!".


And maybe Nellie's singing could squeeze in, if not then at least there's humor for that "Who Will?" to be played and then abruptly stops when Basil just stares blankly. lol


Finally from the escape part of the film (58:45-1:00:10), again either the original or remixing it to a Hans Zimmer type of sounding. Just for fun I imagined this track for the last chase scene: The Dark Knight Soundtrack - Agent of Chaos…


Chapter 17: In the film there's the music background (1:00:08-1:01:55) right before "Wewease, ze secwet, weapon!!" which leads right to the track: "Releasing the Secret Weapon" (…)


I imagined a replayed version of "Releasing the Secret Weapon", same idea as Imperial March Theme from Star Wars




Alternatively "Releasing the Secret Weapon" could be remixed, depending on how good it sounds. Same idea as Doom 64 Ending Theme




And of course there's "The Great Fire" (…) Either leave it original or have it replayed.


Chapter 18: I'm thinking of a bit of mix between "The Great Fire" and a bit of Basil's Theme slowing steady to match with it. It can be played when the fire is getting hosed all the way down before they search for any bodies.


"Reunited" can be played up to 1:56 (…), when Basil and Nellie searches everywhere for Fievel before they decided to rest.


When Basil and Nellie kissed before falling asleep together I imagined this instrumental mix of "Who Will?" with Harry Potter's track: "When Ginny Kissed Harry" (…)

Chapter 19: "Reunited" (…, the track to hear when reading this chapter. Possibly make up an extended to be in the same pace as the chapter.


And for the final scene of Basil and Nellie, I hear "Flying Away" up to 1:30 (…). With the last time to play Basil's Theme mixed with. And with the "Who Will?" part to match the kiss and hug scenes, promising to each other they'll see each other again.


Last part to imagine is the End Credits. The "End Credits" 1:30-6:08 (…) can be played and mixed with "End Title" from Great Mouse Detective OST (…), but only the first 50 seconds of it. Although I do have the instrumental version of GoodBye So Soon credits version. I could mix that with the "End Credits" from American Tail.



Surenity’s reply to ch19: I think "Flying Away" would mix great with the GMD opening theme, actually. Not sure if Goodbye So Soon should be in there since Ratigan is only mentioned in this story, that song could be in Olivia Goes West though.


My reply: That's a better idea, anything related to Ratigan should wait till Olivia Goes West. Ok so for End Credits, I can play the first 46 sec. of "End Titles" from GMD, then it's Opening theme of GMD mixed with "Flying Away" 1:30-6:08.

Surenity Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013
These are all great ideas. ^^ Maybe once it all gets put together I can burn them all on a CD, and have the soundtrack.
CyberDuke Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013
I thought I round up the ideas from the comments and unite them together, plus saved the text to Word.

I'll begin the music ideas for Olivia Goes West sometime around late Spring.

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