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Officer Bob Rodentstein huffed and strained carrying Basil's large suitcase as they made their way up the stairs to Basil's temporary apartment, the mouse-sized steps hidden within the walls of the much larger human-sized building. To someone of their size a two-story building might as well have been a sky scraper. It took several flights of stairs to make it all the way up.

"Please do hurry up, Bob. We haven't got all day and I want to begin my investigation immediately." Basil said, thinking the less time spent in this depressing city the better.

"Honestly, what did you put in this thing?" Rodentstein asked irritably as she trailed behind Basil.

"Oh just a few essentials, some lab equipment, a disguise, my violin…"

The heavily bearded officer rolled his eyes as he dragged the suitcase up the steps. Finally they reached the top, and Basil used the key they'd been given in the lobby to open the door to his room. The room had two bedrooms and a living room, one bedroom for each of them Basil supposed. There was a small glass window carved through the wall, one which luckily had gone undetected by the unobservant humans. It overlooked the busy cobblestone street below, and the elevated metal train tracks across the street which spread through the city.

Rodentstein drooped the suitcase and collapsed onto an armchair in front of the fireplace in exhaustion, panting.

Basil picked up the suitcase and opened it, carefully sorting through its contents and placing them where they needed to be; the glass vials, beakers, small microscope and chemicals being placed on a table (a far cry from the massive chemical set he had at home, sadly), the extra clothing hung in the closet, and his violin atop the second armchair in the room. It was a bit of a bother not having a maid around, he wasn't used to doing this himself. Thinking about her gave him a strong craving for a cheese crumpet, something hard to come by on this side of the Atlantic, for whatever reason. He realized he'd need to do some grocery shopping by himself too, unless he could get his new 'assistant' to do it for him. What a bother that would be when he already had so much work to do. You don't know what you have until it's gone. He resolved to give his maid Ms. Judson a raise when he got back.

Along the way from Tammany Hall he'd picked up an issue of the local newspaper from a paperboy on the sidewalk, and now he took it out of the inside of his coat pocket and unrolled it.

"The best way to begin an investigation, I've found, is to scour the newspaper for clues." Basil said, sitting down, careful to remove the violin first, before unrolling the paper and scrolling its headlines, "Perhaps 'The Daily Nibbler' might have something on my suspect."

"The Daily Nibbler is an excellent resource for news around here." Rodentstein chimed in, finally catching his breath, "At least when that egomaniac editor Reed Daley isn't trying to stir up another sensational story."

Basil cast a glance in his direction, "Famous for that, is he?"

"Well…you just can't take everything he writes for granted." Rodentstein said with a little hesitation, "Anyway, erm, about the suspect we were going to interrogate."

He was changing the subject, Basil knew. But he'd been waiting for the officer to bring up who they'd need to track down. "Yes, who is it?"

"He's a cat so we'll need to be careful. He goes by the name Cat R. Waul." Rodentstein explained, "He only stays in town a few months a year, since his owner travels between New York and out west quite a lot. But if we're looking for a cat wealthy and eccentric enough to purchase stolen museum goods from this Ratigan fellow, he'd be a good place to start. Waul is also originally from England and may still have ties there, making him a possible accomplice himself."

"Hm, and what do we know about his possible whereabouts?" Basil asked, while reading over an article on a cat attack on a local Chinese laundry that had fallen on hard times and had been unable to forfeit enough profits to Warren T. Rat, leaving three mice dead. Positively dreadful what was going on in New York.

"He likes to hang around a nightclub in the Bronx with his posse. It's a cat-exclusive nightclub so unless you've got a cat disguise in that suitcase we'll need to improvise a way in. And getting to actually talk to Waul will be another matter entirely." Rodentstein explained.

"Sounds dangerous. But I've stood against worse odds in my career." Basil said nonchalantly, "I am interested in knowing whether or not this Waul character has any connection to Ratigan."

"So, do we leave for the Bronx tonight?" Rodentstein asked.

"Yes, we shall. Though I think it would be best if we wore disguises." Basil said.


"Indeed. We wouldn't want to give our identities away if something happens, would we?" Basil said, "By the way, your beard makes you too noticeable. Shave it off before we go."

Rodentstein blinked, "Sh-shave it off?"

"Yes. Or maybe you can shave it after we get back from the nightclub. Actually that's an even better idea. Then if someone sees you at the nightclub they won't recognize you later." Basil said, getting up from his chair and putting the newspaper down.

"But…but I can't…"

Basil tilted his head, "Why is that?"

"It's…it's too special to me." he said quickly.

"Too special? Why that's absurd! It'll grow in again, won't it?"

"Yes but-"

"Then what's the problem?"

"I…I just can't. I won't." he said firmly.

Basil walked up to his chair and bent down, causing the officer to scoot back against the chair as far as he could. Basil reached his hand out and began to stroke the beard.

"It is rather regal, isn't it? Yes, it looks good on you."

He tugged on the beard and pulled it back, revealing a string. He let go and it snapped back onto the officer's face.

"AHA!" Basil said, standing up straight and pointing a finger at the imposter, "As I suspected from the beginning! You are no policeman. You are, in fact, a WOMAN!"

Trembling, she removed the beard and her police hat, revealing a fair face with raised cheeks, full lips, and only the softest peach-fuzz fur covering her complexion, her red hair done up in a bun to keep it hidden under the hat, "I should have known my disguise couldn't fool the great mouse detective."

Basil was not amused, "Who sent you?! Who do you work for?!"

"Calm down, Basil. I-I don't work for Ratigan." she insisted.

"Then who do you work for?" Basil demanded.

"I work…" she glanced over at the newspaper on Basil's chair, "I work for The Daily Nibbler."

"Oh, is that it then? An undercover reporter? Here to snoop on me and sell the story to the newspapers eh?" Basil said, drawing back a bit, "How do I know you're telling the truth?"

Her jade eyes turned from Basil to the newspaper again, "L-look for my advice column in there, you should find a picture of me."

He slowly walked backwards toward the newspaper, not taking his eyes off the imposter in case she tried to pull a gun on him or something of that nature. He picked the paper up, trying to keep one eye on her and one on the paper as he thumbed through its pages. She showed no signs of moving, she only watched. Finally he came to the advice column.

"Ask Nellie…" he said as he looked it over. Someone had written to her about having recurring nightmares in the column, whereupon her advice had been that there was nothing in the dark that wasn't there with the lights turned on, and that it was best to get the facts on something you were afraid of. Sure enough, there was a black and white photograph at the top of the column, matching this woman's description, "So you're Nellie Brie. The Nellie Brie."

"Yes, I'm the Nellie Brie. Heard of me?" she asked.

"Oh don't think the news of your undercover exploits haven't reached Britain." Basil answered, "I must admit I found the methods you used in your undercover report on corruption in New York mental institutions last year quite impressive. And you must have had to fool quite a few mice with your disguise to end up being assigned to assist me."

"Don't get me wrong Basil. It wasn't about you, at first." Nellie said, "I was going to do a big article on police brutality and corruption in the NYPD. You saw how maniacal that Chief McBrusque is. So I used the disguise, went through police training at a police academy, and joined the force. I've found evidence that McBrusque has been taking under-the-table bribes from factory and sweatshop owners, on top of overstepping his bounds and roughing up innocent civilians. I was about ready to publish the article, thus blowing my disguise, when I heard rumor that you were coming here from England to work on a big case."

"And the story was too big to pass up." Basil said irritably.

"They were taking volunteers at the police station to see who was going to show you around and watch your back while you were here, and well…on a complete whim mind you…I decided to volunteer and do a story on it." Nellie confessed, "But listen, I meant you no harm. I'm on your side. I hate crime as much as you do, and I really want to make this city a better place to live. Maybe I can help you. I want to, really I do."

Basil could tell she was being sincere, although it annoyed him that she thought she'd be able to get away with tricking him with a disguise and printing a story about him right under his nose. It wasn't even a very good disguise either, in Basil's opinion. But it had proven affective up until she met him, so maybe she could keep it when she went along with him.

"Alright then, 'assistant'. I'll give you a chance." Basil said.

She gave a smile, "Thank you Basil. I will do my best. You'll need someone who knows the area."

"Very well then, put that beard back on. I think this calls for our first outing."

"But the club won't open until tonight." Nellie said questioningly.

"I know that." Basil scoffed, "We're going grocery shopping. We can hone your detective skills by having you find out if they sell my kind of tea in America. Bonus points if you can find me a cheese crumpet."

Nellie fastened her fake beard back on, "It just so happens I know just the place to go for cheese crumpets."

"Well then, I'd say this is the start of a very successful partnership." Basil said with a grin, politely opening the door for the lady.
Surprise surprise, it was Nellie Brie all along! For those of you who still have no idea who she is, she's from the fourth An American Tail movie, Mystery of the Night Monster. She wears the same exact policeman disguise at the beginning of the movie too, I knew Basil would see right through it if he saw her. While the movie itself isn't anything fantastic, I've always liked Nellie for some reason. And with Cat R. Waul scheduled for an appearance it seems that I'm using elements from all four movies in this story (Chief McBrusque is a character in the third movie, just so you know).

The more over-the-top, mood swing side of Basil's personality shines through here. In all this was a blast to write. I think it's fairly safe to say I'm back in the saddle when it comes to fan fiction. It's been a while since I found writing this much fun. I've been able to balance writing this with my novel decently, fortunately.

Another piece of trivia: Nellie Brie is based on the real life human reporter Nellie Bly. I did a little research on her, she actually did do an undercover report about New York insane assylums.
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gh22 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2014
OK second Chapter!

Your off to a great start! You've merged to worlds of AAT and The Great Mouse Detective together flawlessly, also a nice touch adding characters from the other two AAT movies!:) 
Surenity Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014
Thanks very much. ^^ There's pretty much something from every AAT movie in here.
CyberDuke Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013
As I continue re-looking at chapter 2, I play around with "Enter Basil" and "Unusual Foot Prints (after the first 30)".

Basically the main idea is to have Basil's Theme mixed with an instrumental of "Get the Facts"

One of those two music ideas I have for the scenes of Basil & Nellie. This one should work out for there mission briefing and adventures. The other one for their love scene will involve the instrumental of "Who Will?"
Surenity Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013
Good ideas. It could feature a re-recording of "Who Will" on the soundtrack too, sort of like the treatment "Somewhere Out There" got, except better singers. XP
541blackrose Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2011
Wow! What a great twist. I would never expected that to happen.
WottaGal0505 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2011  Professional General Artist
Chapter 2, huzzah! I like the direction this is going. While I'm not a fan of the AAT direct-to-video sequels (or DTVS in general) I do like Nellie Brie also. Ypu're doing great with keeping the characters, well, in character. I look forward to the next part!
Surenity Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2011
I think the DTV's are decent but they can't really compare to the first two. But there were some good things about them, and at least they got most of the original voice actors.
Anyway, thanks for the positive critique. =)
Maxl654 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2011
Great, as always! :D

I think Basil and Nellie could make a good pairing... =3
Surenity Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2011
They do have some chemistry I think. X3 More than Nellie and Reed have. I never really liked that pairing in the 4th movie, it seemed forced to me.
WingsOfASong Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Great job on keeping Mr. Basil I'n character! Very well written indeed!
Hawk-Moth Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2011  Student Writer
Loved it! Can't wait for the next chapter, it'll be interesting seeing Cat R. Waul in this.
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